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Tiago Lestre

© Carla Alves

Tiago Lestre (1991), Master in Composition by the University of Aveiro (2015), since the age of 18 he has gradually focused on composing electroacoustic music, seeking collaborations with the most varied artistic expressions, developing multimedia art. In this context, he composed music and sound design for short films, contemporary dance, theater and fashion shows. In 2014, he was invited by the Festival Percursos da Música – Ponte de Lima, which established the National Symposium on Percursos de Ensino da Música. His music has passed through several stages and national events, such as FBI Concerts (2013), Made in Deca (2013), PRISMAS – Permanent Festival of Creation (2014), Frederico de Freitas Interpretation Prize (2014), Momentum Concert Cycle (2014). 2014), Festivais de Outono (2015), Festival DME (2015), Post-Ip (2017), and international events such as the 5th Festival di Musica Elettroacustica e Contemporanea del Conservatorio di Salerno Confini Mediterranei (Italy, 2015). He attended workshops with Daria Semegen, Nikola Medic, Per Anders Nilson and Nuno Fonseca. He was a member of the executive committee of the EAW 2015 and EAW 2017 congresses. In 2016, he taught composition at the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança – Escola Superior de Educação. He is currently attending the Doctoral Program in Music at the University of Aveiro, under the guidance of Isabel Soveral.

(last update: 2018)