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Contradicting an idea of ​​rivalry between schools, percussionists of the 7 Portuguese higher education institutions with percussion department come together in a unique event where music is in the foreground.
Over the course of three and a half days, three young percussionists from each of the 7 schools gather in septets filled by students from different institutions to prepare a new work composed by a Portuguese composer, which premiere occurs at the final concert of Festival Itinerante de Percussão (FIP – Percussion Itinerant Festival ). In all, there are three new works for percussion septet rehearsed by a different professor from these same schools. The remaining four professors teach Master Classes also open to secondary school students.
Thus, three distinct groups of percussionists are brought together: the professionals who guide the work, the higher education students preparing for professional life and the secondary education students who seek guidance for further studies in higher education.
At the end of each working day, professors from the 7 schools perform solo works in shared recitals.