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Arte no Tempo is a non-profitable organization that seeks to promote contemporary musical art through cultural events, support to creation and interpretation, publishing, and performances organization, every so often combining different art forms.
Arte no Tempo was born from the joint will to live our time and the need to have an institution that could provide the necessary formal structure to several projects that were being developed with conviction and thoroughness. It started with the festivals Jornadas Nova Música (1997 – 2001) and Aveiro_Síntese (international festival of electroacoustic music: 2002). Later on, Arte no Tempo also became the origin of other projects, now autonomous, such as Orquestra XXI (founded in 2013 and gathering young Portuguese musicians residing abroad, for which a new dedicated association was created in 2017) and, in 2015, the 1st EAW conference (with which Arte no Tempo does not currently maintain any relation).

In the biennium 2018-19, with the sustained support of Direcção Geral das Artes and also the support from the Municipality of Aveiro, the action of Arte no Tempo consolidates around the biennials Aveiro_Síntese and Reencontros de Música Contemporânea, complemented by a wide range of musicians training activities (for example, Nova Música para Novos Músicos) as well as of new audiences development (Crescer com a Música, Que música ouvimos?) – and still with the creation of different projects, such as ars ad hoc and the Festival Itinerante de Percussão, to which the roaming line “estrada fora” connects.