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ars ad hoc | DDM

Only a few days after their performance at Festival Internacional de Música da Primavera in Viseu, ars ad hoc musicians will present an entirely new program, with works created after Beethoven’s music.

Challenged by André Cunha Leal (programmer of Dias da Música em Belém), Arte no Tempo invited five composers to create new works somehow ‘inspired’ by others of the great German master, which will also be performed by ars ad hoc at the same event. Different generations, different aesthetics and even different nationalities are represented in this selection.

For a program around Piano Sonata op. 111, which will be performed by ars ad hoc pianist João Casimiro de Almeida, Arte no Tempo counted on the collaboration of three very different composers. The youngest of the three, João Carlos Pinto (1998) composed for this purpose his first string quartet with electronics. Norwegian composer Kristine Tjøgersen (1982) is currently finishing her piece for flute, clarinet, violin and cello, with electronics and video, composed after the same Beethoven sonata. Finally, Carlos Caires (1968) preferred a trio with viola, cello and piano for his new composition.
This program will be performed at 8:00 pm on April 25th, at Sala Almada Negreiros at Centro Cultural de Belém. Tickets are already available at ticketline.

Starting from the equally brilliant String quartet op. 133, Große Fuge, Ludger Brümmer (1958) has created a new acousmatic work, which will be performed in an 8 channel version. In his turn, Ricardo Ribeiro (1971) is still finishing a new string quartet with electronics. As for the one above, tickets for this performance are already available at ticketline.

The premieres of these five new works will occur at Dias da Música em Belém. Both string quartets (Pinto’s and Ribeiro’s) will also be performed at the biennial Aveiro_Síntese on May.

ars ad hoc | concerts on 25th and 26th April 2020
Ricardo Carvalho < flute >
Horácio Ferreira < clarinet >
João Casimiro Almeida < piano >
André Gaio Pereira e Diogo Coelho < violin >
Alice Vaz < viola >
Pedro Vaz < cello >

[10th. March. 2020]