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Ângela Lopes

Ângela Lopes (Arada, 1972) completed her degree and CESE at ESMAE (Porto), in 2000, in the composition class of professor Cândido Lima. She also studied with Virgílio Melo, with whom she collaborated in the electronic production of various works and in the MC47 group – ESMAE’s mixed music group; with Filipe Pires and Álvaro Salazar, sharing with the latter the edition of the CD Dual. In 2004, she started her PhD at the University of Aveiro, under the supervision and co-supervision of the composers João Pedro Oliveira and Mario Mary (at the Paris VIII University), respectively. She regularly participates in the electroacoustic technical realization of various works by the composer Cândido Lima, such as CHANTIER-Melodias em Pedra (2019), BAGATELA PARA MARIMBA E ELECTRÓNICA-1770-2020 (Beethoven) (2020) or Três Regalos-new version for saxophone alto (2020), among others. She regularly collaborates and/or participates in the festivals Música Viva and DME/Dias da Música Electroacústica. Her collaboration in the electroacoustic projection of the musical works Madonna of Winter and Spring, by Jonathan Harvey, at Casa da Música, in Porto (Música Viva 2007) and Mixtur, by Karlheinz Stockhausen, at Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, in Lisbon (Music Viva 2008), or her participation, in partnership with the composer Cândido Lima, in the project A paisagem sonora em que vivemos, presented during the 55th edition of the DME festival, in 2017; her participation in the 3rd edition of the Symposium “Culture and sustainability”, at Lisboa Incomum, with the premiere of the work Reciclo-Recírculos and the communication Reciclo-Recírculos – in the form of a sanza (reuse-recycle), in 2019; as well as the joint organization with the composer Cândido Lima of the concert ARQUITECTURAS – o que vamos ouvir?, with music by both composers, at Casa das Artes (Porto, 2019). She composes for different formations, mixed music, electroacoustic and multimedia music, and her music is performed in concerts in Portugal and abroad, in countries such as Brazil, South Korea, Spain or Holland, by renowned interpreters in contemporary music. She also composes music for theater. Ângela has several works published in sheet music, CD and/or DVD, the last of which is Ver os sons, ouvir imagens I, by Duo Contracello (Musicamera edition); she has also published by Centro de Investigação e Informação da Música Portuguesa. She is a member of Fondazione Adkins Chiti (Italy), of Associação de Compositores de Portugal and of Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (SPA).
More recently, she has composed by order of Arte no Tempo, having two works premiered at the 3rd Reencontros de Música Contemporânea: Tempo de Diana, for instrumental and electronic ensemble, and DITTY-DITTY, for viola d’arco and electronic.
She is a professor of Analysis, Composition, Musical Acoustics and Music Workshop. She created, in 2010 and 2014, respectively, the subjects of Technologies and Music Composition and Music Workshop, both approved by the Ministério da Educação. Between 2000 and 2012, she took part of the pedagogical direction of the Academia de Música de Santa Maria da Feira, where, currently, she is president of the Board and integrates the Pedagogical Direction.

(last update: 2021)