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'Electroacoustic Winds' was launched in 2014 as a communication platform of CIME (Research Centre for Electroacoustic Music of the Communication and Art Department of the University of Aveiro), seeking to disseminate the work developed in this studio and to establish relationships with international partners.

In 2015, with Arte no Tempo, EAW promoted the I International Conference of Electroacoustic Music of Aveiro - 'Electroacoustic Winds 2015'.

Organized by CIME / INET-md (Aveiro) / Arte no Tempo, 'Electroacoustic Winds 2015' (EAW 2015) highlights the special participation of the composers John Chowning (1934), Jean-Claude Risset (1938) and Daria Semegen (1946) and the participation of the guest speakers (researchers/composers) Michael Iber, Ludger Brümmer, António Sousa Dias and Luís Antunes Pena, among others.

EAW 2015 also includes a set of workshops for musicians and sound engineers. For the broader public, it offers various lectures and concerts.

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