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music at the museum

In September 2013, Omnia Mutantur has moved to the Museu Arte Nova in Aveiro maintaining its original schedule (Wednesday nights at 21h30).

This project arises from our will to enable the contact with the music from our time which is the result of an honest and conscious attitude about the context in which the creator is immersed in and that which preceded him.

“Omnia Mutantur, nihil interit” [everything changes, nothing perishes] is the title of a work by the composer Emmanuel Nunes (1941-2012), which is based on the work Metamorphoses by Ovid. Besides the association of this title to our intent, we found it a small way to pay homage to the composer which, in our understanding, always instilled in us the need to recognize our place in the present without forfeiting the past.

The main goal of the project we hereby present is to encourage the listening of XX and XXI century music, connecting it with the great musical tradition that preceded it and to enable the audience a closer contact with the composers, performers and musicologists which create the music of our time. In order to achieve that goal we intend to perform musical hearing sessions with a simple verbal contextualization of the works on a weekly basis and the approximate duration of one hour, organized in thematic cycles of about four to five sessions (one month).

By giving precedence to the listening of music, the goal of this contextualization (historical, sociological or stylistic) is to provide the listener with the tools to an educated listening, by establishing relations with the musical material he is contacting with.

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